Moving on from work ……

Yes, Tuesday 30th June was my last working day before my new life with Geoff and my state retirement pension!  Very excited and initial plans include enjoying the excitement of a daughter’s wedding (Vicky and James) and using July to prepare for an August attempt on an End to End ride with Pete (son) – in our case north to south.

Wednesday 1st July saw Pete  and I up at 4 am fiddling around with our bikes and ready to set off down through Cornwall at 5 am.  While we had not yet tried packing everything, our bike packs were fairly full.  There was no change in the handling for the first 13 miles (and the normally dangerous Glynn Valley was safe at that time in the morning) but as soon as we started on the hill up through the Landhydrock estate we noticed the weight – I was so shocked I thought my gears were broken.  Anyway, we adjusted by going more slowly and all was fine.

First stop at Victoria Services for hot chocolate and then the deli in Truro for a sandwich at about 9.30 am.  From Truro the route was slower and more hilly – David had given us the route –  but I began to feel the hills on my knee.  Pete helped me adjust the height of my seat – by having it a little higher my knee seemed better.

Arrived in Hayle about 12.30 and sampled the best fish and chips in the world watched by a row of herring gulls and two rooks.  Train home with the bikes – 63 miles completed 🙂

Lesson learnt:  Important to have seat height adjusted correctly to save knees

Ann with bikes on Goos MoorPete in preacher pit Indian QueenPete with fish and chips

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